Customer Comments & InjectaFLO Stories

Before installing your pump, I was forever cleaning every surface that had to do with water. We have a large home with 6 bathrooms; I went through 2 bottles of toilet bowl cleaner a month and about 4 bottles of shower cleaner to keep the build up under control.  Now that we have had the pump for a few months I am happy to say I am spending at least 60% less on cleaning products as well as less money on shampoo’s and conditioners. More importantly, I am able to spend more time by the pool with my family instead of cleaning. I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference, but your product has proven to me what it states….It has saved us money. Feel free to use us as a reference if needed.
Thank you
"We feel cleaner and rinse better after showering. That’s simply because we all now enjoy our showering more.  My husband is not one to notice many changes, but he commented his hair is fluffier and his skin is smoother after installing the InjectaFlo product.   
"Before we installed the InjectaFlo pump (by ourselves), we had to constantly wipe down everything after each use of water everywhere or there would be hard water film or spots remaining. Now I no longer spend a lot of time repeatedly cleaning the tub, showers, sinks, counters and faucets… for there is a lot less or almost no water spots or mineral buildup.  Most of the ongoing cost for spray shower cleaners was unnecessary and that hassle is almost eliminated.
"I live in an area where salt based ion exchange softeners are not allowed due to salinity pollution. The InjectaFlo Water system overcomes these issues with the prohibited salt-based technology and has provided me a better, far less expensive solution to my hard water problems. It’s nice to find an environmentally friendly product that actually costs less, is easier to operate, and easier to install! Why all of us don’t use this approach is beyond comprehension. "
-Thankful and now more Green!
"I wanted you to know the difference that we have felt with your InjectaFlo pump system. Everyone, in our family of five, felt an almost immediate difference with our water.  I have two children with very dry and sensitive skin and they required the use of a special soap and the application of lotion after each shower or bath.  Both now do not itch after drying off and do not need to apply the lotions as much anymore.
Thank you"
With the small amount of softener liquid being dispensed automatically by InjectaFlo product throughout our plumbing system, it has improved our dishwasher’s performance greatly.  Our stainless flatware, and drinking glasses now appear consistently cleaner. When a product works well, we share our results with family and friends.
Thank you again, 
"I thought I hated soft water “slimy, can’t get the soap off” feel and battled with my wife for years because she wanted a salt based softener and I refused. Mostly for the small investment risk of $ 600, I gave in to her and purchased your InjectaFlo product.  I promptly found out your method of softening left my skin feeling as advertised ”velvety smooth.”  We have now found other things to argue about."
- Thankfully,
Happily Married
We moved into an older home and soon discovered the water heater needed to be replaced. At first we were excited because we thought our hot water would last longer and have better pressure. Well we were wrong, nothing really changed. My husband and I started looking into a water softener just to have better water and less water spots on everything. After much research on what would be the best for us, we decided on a saltless system. Your company came highly recommended. After meeting with your representative it was clear this was the way to go. Within a week or so after being installed we had better water pressure. Our hot water was warmer and lasted longer. Everything your rep told us was true as far as the benefits we’ve noticed.
Very satisfied,